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Do not watch this unless you enjoy being incredibly depressed. Nude thai bar girls. While Kate looks at the empty chair with that same damned ambiguous expression- nothing against Charlotte Hegele, but would it KILL the writers to give us some clarity?

These are questions that I have. I think end game is going to be Kate and the black guy, Leon. Bomb girls lesbian scene. Sure, she asks Betty to dance, but she also asks other girls to dance. Speaking of buried feelings! Another wonderful delivery system that makes TV truly worthwhile. It sure is a nice change from the sitcoms and dramas that have been thrown at us over the last few years.

There are too many lose ends for it to be over! Well Bomb Girls is full of Buffys. I know this is sort of appalling, but despite having studied WWII in high school history and at university I always seem to kind of… forget… about… Canada.

There is so much possibility for creative writers to swim into uncharted waters here--World War II from the perspective of bomb girls! It still might not be totally fair, but I think she does have a bit of a point. I need to see this. But, you will be a bit heartbroken when you watch the final episode solely because you aren't ready to let go of your new-found friends.

Sophy June 28, at Gladys' parents discover she has been lying to them about her job at the factory and conspire to have her fired, while James is recruited into the military. Naked greek girls. Looking forward to weekly episodes and more.

Clifford impresses upon Gladys the importance of wartime intelligence and keeping tabs on her friends, but Vera misconstrues Gladys's newfound interest in Marco. KC May 21, at 6: Didn't bat an eye at Betty's sexuality nor did she care about the possible perception she might give if she keeps hanging out with her.

Why is that good Canadian shows never last. It's badly written and poorly acted. I don't blame them, in fact I applaud the writers for trying to break the grounds by including a lesbian point of view in a story set injust don't go around calling this storyline "truly the great love story of the first season" because so far all we got was Betty pinning like crazy over a straight prudish girl.

And then there was this look that Kate gave to Betty that hints that she's not completely uninterested, Completely agreeing with you on that. She is on friendly terms with Betty until Betty advises her to transfer to Red Shift after it is revealed that Hazel had an affair with Gladys' fiance James.

Kate, meanwhile, adopts a fake identity with help from her mother, and runs away to escape her abusive father. Also, Kate seems straight straight straight. Meg Tilly plays her role almost perfectly, playing a tough supervisor while altogether being a Canadian patriot, as well a loving mother and wife. The idea that she has haters devastates me. On the downside, there is just a little too little exterior photography.

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Because Lorna, knowing full well how absurd it is to try to make eggs right after learning your fiance has been killed, immediately starts showing Gladys how to whisk the eggs correctly.

Betty sometimes addresses Gladys as "Princess," which starts out as a disparaging moniker but gradually becomes more of a friendly nickname. Livia russo nude. But she also told her just how much she loves her back. While I have enjoyed the music and the superb acting, I don't see myself recommending the show for any valuable historical authenticity or examination. It aired in March ofbut at the time of this posting, is not yet available to watch online.

Reprinting without permission will result in your being mocked mercilessly and we'll say nasty things about your mother, too. But you love them for being so imperfect. You feel transported when watching Bomb Girls, to a place that is gritty and glamorous at the same time. TorontoOntarioCanada. Didn't bat an eye at Betty's sexuality nor did she care about the possible perception she might give if she keeps hanging out with her.

Tilly was a big star in the 80s, you may also recall her sister Jennifer Tilly from Bound, among other films.

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From the sweet, thrilling burgeoning of I wished on the moon to that shaky-then-slinky Burlesque performance, to singing at the factory in front of all of her peers, to singing at the hospital to a man who was from the same place as her, to a man who had been to the same places — who had been a soldier — who had been hurt — who had been traumatised — who had lost his voice too.

Today for the first time I had the feeling that Kate is also into Betty. Bomb girls lesbian scene. I don't see her as that sheltered naive as some see her, she's not a teenager anymore. Hot lesbian tongue kissing. Once Upon a Time? Except inclusion of Spy Guy. Not the fault of the actors, but hey -- when it's not on the page, it's not on the stage. PleaseI know you think that my main method of transportation is by Kangaroo.

I am so pleasantly surprised by this show and am very impressed!! Can anyone recommend a site to watch the show from? Overall, a good show, one that Canadians should be proud of. Sometimes Rophy are geeks. Either they wanted Kate feelings to be so subtle they became actually invisible or they are fooling us with this "big love story of the season". Side note — you guys. Adult girls night games. And she knows it. Vera is Betty's co-worker on Blue Shift. They do their song and dance, and Rollie steps up to tell the crowd about war bonds this and Witham Foods that and blah blaaaaaaaaaah.

And yes, Charlotte Hegele looks like Lily Loveless.

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I think it may be so… Thank you, Rophy. Ned May 20, at 8: Maybe Season 2 will have a bigger budget. Of course, I quickly clued in that it was a Canadian show. Girls naked sex pics. Why can't Canada have shows that air new seasons for years to come?

Who is Reggie, where is she from and what does she want and who is she going to be? But as the show continues, the viewer realizes that none of these characters grow. Originally intended to be a six-part drama mini-series[2] two seasons have aired. And I think the reason this scene feels so pivotal in terms of the show is because it was so pivotal in terms of their relationship. Floppy bbw tits As another poster pointed out, this is a time of oppression and Kate's response wouldn't be out of the ordinary at all.

Ylva May 27, at After being nearly outedBetty scared of being fired, begins dating Ivan, an engineer on the Blue Shift. Tilly was a big star in the 80s, you may also recall her sister Jennifer Tilly from Bound, among other films.

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